Friday, January 2, 2009

Book Notes

Because so far I’ve had notes on comic books, TV, and even on—well, sort of—porn. So it’s time to talk about the books I’ve read the past year. Back in the days I would log down the books I’ve been reading in a sort of journal, but now I can blog about them! Review them! Boast about them! Gush over the complexities and juxtapositions and the art and the parallelisms! Comment on the novel styles of the authors! Pretend to complain about how difficult they are to read, when in fact am making yabang at how I was able to read through the difficulty anyway! For everyone to see and appreciate! For everyone to appreciate at what erudite choices I have! For everyone to give me a pat on the back! And now, the books I’ve read in 2008….
It is with much shame that I report that in 2008 I have read absolutely… nothing. Zero. Haven’t even cracked one, can’t even do a consolation list of books I’ve started to read but failed to finish, or even a pathetic wish list of books in the book store I wish to read, because I have totally lost it. Not even a quick read of an Agatha Christie. Or some children’s literature. Zero.
There is no one to blame for this lack of ability to make time to feed your soul with literature and fiction and great stories but yourself, you annoyingly point out. Wrong. This I totally blame on the time spent writing… on charts!!! On the time spent running…. to charitable institutions for free meds!!! On the time romancing and courting… X-ray, CT-scan, ultrasound, and 2D-echo schedulers!!! On the time ordering… things already ordered! Thrice!!! Dang it.
Enough of the whining, much of it has been whined about repeatedly anyway. Now since I have, theoretically, more time to read something more than the 10-minute quick fix comic book this coming year, what do I plan to read? What titles will I ravenously feast upon? What new characters will I discover and assume the roles of? Which authors will I start having proverbial sex with (obviously running out of predicates here)?
As I said, I couldn’t even make a pathetic wish list of books in the bookstore I wish to read, having had a sort of lost year. Suggestions!

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Walking on Water said...

yey, you're in blogger! hmmmm, looks like you're having so much free time, eh? keep on writing will!=)