Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hunger Pangs

Noticed that a lot of my batchmates have been losing weight recently, and if last year it was from all the running in the hospital, I know that this time it's because of poverty. Yes, poverty, from having no money at all. I myself am amazed at the huge amount of disgusting skin now sagging from different areas in my body as the extreme hunger nastily eats away at the old disgusting fat. Everyone is emaciated, dry, and all kinds of crazy from the low blood sugar. Unlike the usual bevy of food just cluttering the common dining table, there is now a single, expired cup of moldy fruit preserves sitting there since October--who would eat it being the ultimate test of hunger. How dare you, patients, looking at us with your parched eyes and telling us how poor you are, when you at least have free hospital-subsidized meals. How dare you, corridor cats, to cutesily meow at us in hopes of getting scraps, when we can see how sated you really are, you gluttonous cutesy cats. Two nights ago I found myself so deep in poverty that it suddenly occurred to me that a couple of months ago, I dropped a five peso coin under my bed. So I crawled under the bed and looked for it, and there it was, something to buy an ounce of salt with. Hungry... just... so... hungry...


Walking on Water said...

pareho tayo.
hungry kids, hungry (former) chief res. =) i must have dragged you along with my misery. mea culpa.
but you have to start saving, warn your batch. txtbrig: beware, this will be how it will go one year from now. bwahahaha!

Kristine Myra said...

as a kamoteng resident in the US unlucky enough to come here in the midst of a recession, i have found that eggs (halved), queso, and cheap tasty bread are enough even though meals become moments of deja vu. plus, i get the surplus food for patients. mahal na rin pala ang asin (5 pesos na?)

miss you willy!