Friday, January 2, 2009

I Want I Want I Want

It was i guess two years ago when I had the last I want I want I want post. An I want post is a post where I annoy everyone and insinuate my wants on the 2 readers reading the I want entry. This started out as a parody on all the people who always say I want I want I want--like I want this new phone, or I want to date this person, or I want to afford these expensive drugs--which eventually evolved and gestated and festered into a genuine, personal, irritating I want I want I want entry. Two years ago, I said I want to be an office cubicle worker, but now I want I want I want to be... a tambay.

Yes, a tambay, not in a room reading comic books, or in a mall, or in a gazebo tambayan in Diliman, but a tambay on a bench of a sari-sari store drinking royal tru orange in a plastic bag, smoking Marlboro (reds, mind you, reds), whiling away hours on end by virtue of not having any money. Of course, in a couple of weeks I may discover I have a pancreatic head tumor, and I would want to be some rich mogul to afford a Whipples.

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john calica said...

I am glad that you migrated to Blogspot!

I want to become a waiter in Amanpulo, with no brain tumor or anything life-threatening.he he he