Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Calling Mark V.

Went to the wake of Donna Troy’s mother a few nights ago, and as with any huge family events Donna Troy was not familiar with all the visitors. And before the night was up who should come in but a local celebrity.

“Ate,” Donna Troy made kulbit (is there a direct English translation to this? Called the attention of?—too formal. Fingered?—too weird) her sister. So Donna Troy made kulbit her sister and said in star-struck awe, “Ate, ate… si… si Helen Gamboa!” Sister Rehab looked at the celebrity. “Tangek, si Boots Anson-Roa yan.”

Donna Troy told us this anecdote later in the parking lot, to which Frichmond said, in between derisive laughter, “Ha-ha-ha… matagal nang patay si Helen Gamboa no!”

“Tangek, si Helen Vela yun,” everyone collectively said.

To entertain ourselves I quizzed everyone on the filmography of Boots Anson-Roa over huge amounts of ice cream. We couldn’t come up with anything. Truly, we all need to brush up on our local celebrity factoids. Calling Mark V!

I did inform Mark V of this non-event, and he only had one thing to say: “Shame on you all!”


Walking on Water said...

di ba si boots anson-roa ay newscaster? or i got things mixed up again.
parang "last 3 minutes" a while ago. bwahaha! nakakahiya tayo!

will said...

artista daw talaga sya, unless you're thinking of... tina monzon-palma. parang ka-rhyme eh.

abe said...

Actress si Boots Anson Roa, at alam ko taga UP pa sya hehehe. Another useless fact. At naging muse pa sya ng isang UP frat. At may anak syang newscaster.