Thursday, February 19, 2009


Having written that rather elongated rant on the reeking falsehoods of my childhood (shame on you adults of the 80’s), I suddenly developed a huge appetite for Chikadees. I know it probably wasn’t that great, but its unattainability makes me ravenous for it more. I no longer care for those free booger-look-alike toys that come with each pack (hear that, bullies, who kept on stealing them from me?!?), no amount of nostalgia makes me miss them, but I’m feeling quite nostalgic for Chikadees. Chikadees doesn’t hold any emotional weight, it isn’t a tether to some happy fragments of childhood, nor is it even old enough to be considered quaint—I’m just hungry and I want to eat one. And just to annoy you I’ll say it thrice: I want I want I want.

Speaking of cheese, cheezums, and chickadees, as I was typing feverishly in TCBATL (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) and usurping bandwidth downloading U2’s great 2000 album All That You Can’t Leave Behind, who should come rushing to me but Lorellaineepoop. She was all sorts of giddy and excited, and this sort of giddiness and excitement could only be birthed by a recently gathered interesting information, ie, a cheezum. Apparently just a few hours ago she’d seen Yorick Brown in Giant Pizzas Galore! having a date, with someone twenty years younger than him. Actually just a few years younger, very much in the legal range, but still, this got Lorellaineepoop and me worked up. It was the first time they’ve been spotted together, but Lorellaineepoop and I decided that the rumor to proliferate tomorrow should go like this: Sila na.

Apparently Chef D’ Angelo has lost its special attraction for first dates. Years ago you only needed to pass by the Faura Wing of Robinson’s, specifically Chef D’Angelo, to see who’s dating who. Regardless, there must be something about pizza that makes it the staple of first dates. Another special quality of pizza—I know someone who has quit smoking, and only pizza (and sinigang) can ever induce her to smoke. Also, Yellow Cab pizza has supplanted Munchkins as the ubiquitous party staple. We all know, however, that Shakey’s thin crust pizza still defines the true spirit of pizza, dripping oil and all. A few days ago I ordered a large Friday’s Special for me and my sister, and 10 minutes from opening the box it was skeletonized, I mean consumed. When we were kids Shakey’s was the nearest restaurant/fastfood from our home, and it was two towns away. We would frequent it during Friday’s, and it still had then a bar feel to it, with live bands and stuff. Eventually the band was replaced by a giant television usually showing PBA games, but I distinctly remember that the first show I got to see in it was the Beijing Olympics. There, completed 3 paragraphs.

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