Saturday, February 14, 2009


After running an errand in Asian Hospital I decided to eat in alabang town center, and realized it's valentine's, or as I prefer to call it, valentimes. I thought it was just the 13th. So I decided I would go couples-watching, but surprisingly there were more families and kids running around the complex and very few couples. And relatively less hearts and general redness in the vicinity. I think it was in the valentimes of 2004, while I was malling in Robinson's ermita before meeting up with Hippura and the rest for UP Fair, that Robinson's was at its saccharinest--even Greenwich had its main lights off, lit only by candle light.

So there were very few couples, but I did have a brush-in with fame--I saw phoemela baranda, or someone pretty enough to look like her. Her name reminds me of diarrhoea and dyspnoea. Years ago when I was a clerk there was a resident who insisted on spelling things this way, which always boggled me. How the heck do you pronounce these things--diaroya? Disnoya? British much, eh?

In the valentimes of 1996 my parents decided to have a date in, where else, Enchanted Kingdom, and of course all of us kids tagged along. There were around twenty other people in the entire park, and all of them watched rachelle alejandro who was performing in the food court. Giddily I wrote all the rides by myself. It was while riding the Jungle Log Jam by myself that I had another brush-in with fame. While I was at the very top of the watery slope about to plunge down the log in front of me was occupied by an Erika something, I can't recall what her full name is right now, or if she's even really Erika, but she was popular then in Ang TV. While in the log she was smooching with some guy who was in some Close-up commercial. Scandalized by this... lewd act at age 16 I screamed at the the crew manning the top nook as I was about to plunge down the twenty foot fall: "Manong. May naghahalikaaaaan!!!"


Paul Miller said...
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Paul Miller said...

ooh. mga showoff. ako nga bumabaliktad sikmura sa fall na yun tapos sila maghahalikan amp.

aggie said...

uy kilala ko ba ang british spelling resident na yan!??! meron den ba shang mapangpanggap na british accent??!? more than once did he write in the chart "dyspnoeic", "apnoeic". and cha and i were like, pano ba yan i-pronounce? dysp-noyk?

will said...

wala na sya ngayon sa ospital pero yes, may faux british accent din siya. And how can I forget widima, ie, oedema.