Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheapo Missed Her Chance, and Other Meh's.

Cheapo was supposed to raise her hand in the middle of the conference and I would call her and she would ask a planted question. Yes, I can stoop that low, specially when I'm in the scalding seat presenting a very short case with an entire hour to fill. A few hours prior to the presentation we were contemplating on whether Cheapo would ask something that would require practice for believable delivery, such as, "So in thrombophilic patients presenting with UGIB etc etc," or something cheapo like "What's the age again?" Cheapo, however, failed to get her chance, because the powers that be in the audience all started saying all kinds of things--to each other. And sometimes they would start delivering a question, and then they would trail off to an explanation of sorts, and totally forget that they intended to ask a question. I happily became a bystander in my own presentation, at one point my head totally drifting into other stuff, like "did I unplug the electric fan?" After the lengthy discussion amongst themselves my attention was called that my presentation was to continue. The intermission was so long I failed to stop myself from mouthing to TT, my clicker, "Nasan na ko?"

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The Commuter said...

Brings back memories . . . ganun pa rin pala ang case management conference? Didn't get to try planting questions though . . . medyo marami ding nagtatanong na residents eh.