Sunday, March 1, 2009

Keyser Sosi

Ex-housemate Keyser Sosi was recently found slumped in the pediatrics callroom unconscious, cyanotic, and frothing in the mouth. I am yet to visit him and I got this information 6th-hand, so I am not sure if the cyanotic and frothing in the mouth parts are just add-ons. You might remember Keyser Sosi as the one who had a date with Goth Girl and who eventually ended up with Hippura. While at the ER Hippura was the one taking care of him, extracting his blood and caressing and kissing the arm from which the blood was extracted (again, 6th-hand information).

Unbeknownst to everyone (does anybody really use unbeknownst in everyday conversation?), Keyser has a secret showbiz past. I know, it must be the alignment of the stars or some cosmic whatever that makes this and the past ten entries very local showbizy. Indeed, Keyser has a secret showbiz past. You see, he was a child star. Decades ago the cast and crew of Panday (one of the original movies) went to Ilocos to film and they discovered Keyser. Yes, Keyser was one of the thousands of kids Max Alvarado was making hagad in the vast Ilocos fields.

Speaking of secret showbiz pasts, I cannot let this entry go without mentioning Mrs. Therese, who is currently pregnant and on-leave from residency. Mrs. Therese was among the cast of Radyo Batibot, reading those stories for the radio with Pong and Kiko. I asked her years ago for dirt on the Batibot cast, like if they had secret behind-the-scenes altercations, or sexual liaisons, or drama queen moments, or just general kinkiness. She couldn’t recall anything, except that whenever Ate Shienna was around the room was always cast in a haze of thick cigarette smoke.


Joa said...

Hi Willy!
Yup, I'm bloat-y pregnant - nine months na! From your entry, looks like Therese is, too. If you're referring to the same Therese I know. Wilmer (Zuniga - n5 din dati) also had a baby girl. Galing 'no?
How are you na?

abe said...

hay willy, naaaliw talaga ako sa pagbabasa ng blog mo!! Anyway, napaka-obvious kung sino sila , hahaha.update update!!

will said...

yes joa, the same therese. good luck and congratulations with your pregnancy! abe navarro--indeed.

same Therese said...

Yup, yup! It's the same Me and I'm here! I'm here!