Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last 3 Minutes

RTD’s on drugs or scientific discoveries or critical appraisals of whatever are boring. There I said it. If not for the free food I probably wouldn’t go, so if there’s any drug company reading this you’d know how to captivate us—bring in lots of food, like lechon, huge amounts of salad, pizza, and overflowing Coke Light. Free action figures and comic books won’t hurt--Hello, Ethics Committee, I'm sure you're not reading this. Drug companies are not totally oblivious to this lack of interest to listen anyway, which is probably why they started to change tactic—last week they brought in a well-respected, well-versed, erudite speaker to talk about an anti-hypertensive drug, in the form of Jerry Cordinera.

The lazy question, of course, is why choose him, and we all licked our chops in anticipation as to how he would correlate basketball and sports to hypertension and stuff in the most pilit manner. Our expectations were totally exceeded, however, when he did not even mention the drug in advertisement, but talked about (and showed a powerpoint presentation of)… his basketball career! Like how he became MVP in this year or that, and such. Question-and-answer portion, and our more research-oriented colleagues who would usually raise their hands to ask about bioavailability studies and crap had, happily, nothing to say.

Acid House, however, asked this very important question: Bakit nung sumali kayo sa SEA games, naka t-shirt kayo sa loob ng inyong jersey?

“Dahil malamig,” Jerry replied.

We egged Donna Troy on to ask the question bothering everyone in our table, and it didn’t take too much egging on. Donna Troy stood up, grabbed the mic, and asked for everyone:

“Di lang talaga naming maalala—sino ang ka-love team mo sa Last 3 Minutes?”

“Last 2 Minutes yun,” Jerry corrected. “Napasubo lang ako kaya ako napasali.”

Of course, he was with Alvin Patrimonio and Bong Alvarez. And his love team was Aiko. This rather weird RTD proved to be very engaging, and I realized it would be more fun to have these sorts of guests in the future. Melena wants Alvin Patrimonio in the future, while Patricia Hogsmith wants Vince Hizon. Interesting if rather obvious choices, but we all know who we’re dying to hear from: Rudy Distrito! And Mamaril, I’d like to hear from him too. What the fuck--sorry--what the hell happened to Mamaril?


abe said...

forgot my blogspot password again! Ano ba yung movie ng last 2 minutes? di ko alam yan ah. BTW, my sister is a big fan of your blog.. big stress reliever daw. Ayan, may fan base ka na ;)

will said...

basta yun yung may love team sila (aiko, ruffa, someone else)and of course ang climactic scene ay may nakashoot kaya lamang sila ng one point and nanalo sila. gee!

deets said...

bwahahahahahaha. sana may mga conference din kami gaya nito. :)

marimar said...

deets, guess who asked the last 3 minutes question!