Friday, March 6, 2009


The first year medical students had their environmental hazard tour in our wards this afternoon, and I was tasked to tour them around. There was absolutely nothing to say and I was so encephalopathically sleepy, so I just asked them if they had any questions, which turned out to be foolhardy--they whipped out their environmental hazard checklists and asked in quick succession:

Asfaloth: Do you use machines that vibrate?
Me: Er, no
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes: Do you sometimes find yourselves working in difficult, awkward body positions?
Me: Er, no.
Proky: Any fall injuries while working here?
Me: Er, no.
Cytomegalofungi: Do you wear protective head gears and other body protection?
Me: Er, are we still talking about a medicine ward?

Come to think of it, won't it be fun to work in the wards wearing an orange hard hat and full body protection while handling machines that vibrate? Just try to get close, MDRTB, and I'll vibrate you to smithereens.


dee w. sih said...

comment comment comment comment

dee wong sy said...

nawawala talaga yung mga comments ko. about donna troy. and tempus. and jerry codinera. mahaba-haba pa man din yun at tinatamad akong i-reconstruct to its original form.... sa mga pinagsusulat mo at paggamit ng code names ay parang mga blind items ang mga blog entries mo.

will said...

okay, dee wong sy, or should I say.... neurologist shipper jack knight?