Monday, March 16, 2009


Shall watch Watchmen in a few hours. Of course movies are not required to be 100% faithful to the source material, if Watchmen were done in this fashion it would last 8 hours. You've heard all the raves and read all the top whatever lists, and let me state that yes, the graphic novel is a total stroke of genius. It's that good, and it's not just me being fanboyish and crap. I really want to like the movie version, and I have very little requirements (some possible spoilerrific spoilers ahead):

1. Nite-Owl. He should have a paunch. And a double chin. And with a receding hairline. He should not be some hot, ripped 300 warrior.

2. Silk Spectre II should be a chain smoker. Place some surgeon general warning in the end or whatever, but she should be a total chain smoker. I saw the trailer and she is played by some hot chick, but she looks so... clean. Silk Spectre II is pretty and all, but there is still some grit in her.

3. Rorschach should say "Hurm." I don't care how it really sounds out of the printed page, but he should say "hurm" a lot of times.

4. Bubastis. Just toss him in there.

5. It might be difficult if not totally impossible to include the comic within the comic, but we should at least see the black, smoking kid in the comic book shop reading it.

6. Rorschach should die. I don't want some crap like him being a mountain recluse in the end instead.

See, very little requirements. I am determined to enjoy this movie.

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