Saturday, April 18, 2009

Concern For The Month

This is not the time, to dwell on family problems, relationship problems, social problems. We don't want to involve ourselves too much on death, the deaths we caused, the guilts thereafter, and your accusing looks. We have no time to linger on academic pursuits, on our miseries, on the realization of our own shortcomings. Not even on the shortcomings of other people, no matter how entertaining they may be. Not on the bad choices we made and how depressing they may be, when we could be writing thick wonderful novels in the basement while smoking weed right now instead of being miserable. And don't even mention gadget malfunctions--damn them--, or the health hazards that our bad habits pose. This is not the time to dwell on these trifles, trifles I tells yah, because all our energies, all our concerns, all our emotions, all our whinings, all of them, should be concentrated on the one important thing that makes us miserable--the heat. P#%+@^$*% ang inet!

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Walking on Water said...

rotator ka pala ng cvs! wahaha! bloggers! yeah, this heat is so oppressive. it's a good thing the rains are back. leptospirosis season na!=)