Monday, April 20, 2009

Heavy Rains! Meh.

So it rains. I'm not impressed. It's still bleeping hot, and the rain lasts for only ten seconds such that when you walk out from an airconditioned room hot humid air slaps your face senseless. If this were the 80's the older bunch would tell you the weird weather combination is bad enough to give you balisawsaw, that strange wishy-washy state of the bladder that is not quite urinary tract infection and not quite incontinence, which can only be countered by sitting on a basin full of cold water. Speaking of urination, held my bladder to its fullest and longest today during a long workshop. Wow, now he's telling us about his urinary practices, you snootily say. Well, yes. So I was in a workshop and was holding my bladder worth three glasses of iced tea, huge amounts of cold water, and coffee, and tried to hold it foolishly thinking that in a few minutes the workshop would end. It didn't help that Burkholderia was whispering in my ear, "shwushwushwushu". When the workshop finally ended one hour after I first thought it would I ran to the restroom and peed my soul out. Then went out dizzy and disoriented, grabbing nearby objects to stop myself from falling down on the floor.

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