Monday, April 27, 2009


In a matter of days... the annual interns' Sunog! Every year during the last night of internship, April 30, all the interns lick their chops, wield their cleavers, and pump their blowtorches in preparation to burn... BURN!!!!... all the villains in the hospital that made their lives miserable during the year that was. You evil resident who threw a lochia-filled speculum at me.... BURN!!!! You foul-mouthed surgeon... BURN!!!! You batch of lazy clerks.... BURN!!!!

3 years ago Mother Cat, Jazz, RD, Coooey, Leif, and I went to our own Sunog quite late, at around 11 pm, so we feasted on the carcass of the celebratory lechon. Not even the carcass, more like the lard and the drippings. Everyone guzzled tons of beer, non-smokers started smoking, and Caloy singlhandedly lifted our transcription box, threw it at the bonfire, and burned... BURNED!!!!... that infernal trans box which signified all the exams and the sufferings of the past five years.

Come to think of it we were too preoccupied with drinking and smoking pot that we didn't burn any effigy of a hateable resident or whoever. I think we were all just too tired to even create an effigy, or everyone just stopped caring. Or everyone was just too inebriated. We've been preparing to burn a laboratory personnel (codenamed salt-and-pepper for her salt-and-pepper hair), but it was too much of an effort. Wait, I got it now, nobody symbolically burned anyone because everybody was too busy... having group pictures!!!


abe said...

ano ba willy, pinagbawal nung year natin. Sabi ni boss alex, bawal daw.. masunurin naman lahat. so walang sinunog na mga tao, Transbox na lang. Hmp, corny tuloy!

aggie said...

was having lunch with gtbe a few days back and we talked about salt-and-pepper who is responsible for long queues at the lab info at 3 in the morning! she has been fired, but rumor is now applying as an lrt booth person. the horror!

marimar said...

aggie, where do you get your chismaks?