Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Of Those Entries

I don't know when the concept of sluggishness was birthed, but it has definitely gone into prominence in the past one and a half years. Sluggishness, for you hyperactive, never-tiring academic bunch, is that state that treads the fine line between wakefulness and somnolence, a state that has one express purpose: to go through the motions. I used to think that it must be the heat that promotes this sluggishness, but it has been raining like hell and I have been extremely sluggish like a moron. And that it should attack at the most inopportune time, when the consultant you have to accompany never runs out of energy, perpetually walks ten times faster and hops three steps at a time when climbing a flight of stairs. You try to sap that energy, but you go into seizures. Eventually you tell yourself that you must just be undergoing some warming up for the day, that eventually at around 10am you'd be so revved up you could rounds ten patients in thirty minutes, until you realize it's five pm and you are as sluggish as ever.

It's one of those blog entries, I know.


Walking on Water said...

i love this one will! pwede ba ma-cut and paste for my own depression series? hehehe

will said...

Hi mam jean. Sure! Let's spread the depression! Lugi kung tayo lang hee hee.

Lalaloo said...

Parang alam ko na kung ano rotation mo. hehe.