Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Op on Drugs

As blog fodder, I will now self-indulgently post some photos of my beloved figs, much to your dismay. To start with... the Trinity!!!

Noticeably they are all hot now-- big muscles, the whitest skin, the strongest jaws, the most enormous boobs. But they weren't such hotties 40 years ago:

Superman at the center, because it's based on the art of Curt Swan, the definitive artist of all things Superman!

For comparison, this is how Wonder Woman has evolved from puruntong to high-cut panties:

Modern Wonder Woman based on the art of the incomparable Terry and Rachel Dodson, 60's Wondy based on the art of Mike Sekowsky!
The Justice League of America as formed by Brad Meltzer in 2006:

The Bat-Family! Note that I don't have Oracle, so we have instead the fully ambulatory Barbara Gordon Batgirl!

Since we don't want to overdose on awesome, I will finish this post with a photo of the females of the DC Universe. Imagine the pain and agony of making these high-heeled babes stand up on their own. I am talking particularly to you, Vixen, Hawkgirl, and Saturn Girl!!!

Coming soon: Silver Age Goodness! X-Men! Avengers! WWF! Russian Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman! DC The New Frontier!!! Wooooooooh!!!!


aggie said...

parang nagparetoke si wonder woman....

john calica said...

Who's the one in green with the yellow cape? Parang hukot! he he he

Nice collection ah.

will said...

yup mukang nagparetoke si wonder woman ng lahat ng pwedeng iparetoke!

John! You won't believe it but that green clad girl is Lois Lane of the 60's! There's a story wherein she gets superpowers and wears that super costume!

john calica said...

Ha ha ha. No offense but she's the dorkiest looking superhero ever! How I wish I had the passion to collect anything, other than bad memories (nag-emo?) he he he. Hey, hope to see you soon!