Friday, June 5, 2009

Drag You To Hell!

TT couldn't come, he had some date. So HIV, Pyro, and I braved the storm at 10pm and went to see Drag Me to Hell and enjoyed its wonderful campiness. The gypsy woman should win an award or something, I don't know what, but she should win something. Like best evil weapon for that projectile ruler from the pharynx or something. Half the time Pyro was squirming and squirming in total inhuman contortions beside me--a few more accidental corpse-kissing with yellow goo and sudden demonic images and Pyro would have passed out. I was happy for the final fate of the horned goat, though--the goat was just so cute.

For years I would place people of varying evilness in different categories, the worst of whom would fall under Those I Wouldn't Give A Drop Of Water To In The Desert. Relatively low-time evil doers would fall under Those I Wouldn't Mind Accidentally Dropping The Vial Of Meperidine On The Floor If They Have Necrotizing Pancreatitis. Now I have a new category: Those I Would Drag To Hell With A Cursed Jacket Button. Drag You To Hell, Star Sapphire!

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Lalaloo said...

Star Sapphire....I wonder!