Monday, June 29, 2009

I... Am... Phoeeeeeeeenix!

Smoketh has recently exhibited strange precognitive psychic powers. While at Gloria Jeans one night she was scrolling some songs in my laptop and saw a song by Michael Jackson. She immediately pointed out that:

Smoketh: Grabe si Michael Jackson, muka na syang naaagnas.
Me: Indeed. He looks very friable.

MJ of course died the next day. Or he could have been dying that exact moment, in which case Smoketh wouldn't be a precog and would therefore not qualify for a precog position in Minority Report, but she would still qualify as an all-around psychic. Years ago I insisted to my siblings that I have psychic powers. Whenever they would pester me to do some mind-reading I would tell them that my powers only work on Mondays. At 2 p.m. Like those Friday's Free Potato Skins promo cards.

Speaking of psychics, I know that the general population who has grown up watching the X-Men cartoons and read The X-men mostly in the 90's may no longer be as updated, so let me just say that Jean Grey is dead (for the 34th time, I think), and unless she has been resurrected in some storyline I am not aware of, she is still dead (although I suspect that she has recently been resurrected, haven't been reading a lot of X-Men the past few months). Scott Summers has been having sex with Emma Frost since 2003, who is now the resident psychic of the X-men. She also has the ability to transform her body into diamond. Yes, the one in the Wolverine movie. In the quite amusing death scene written by Grant Morrison, Jean's last words to Scott couldn't have been more fitting: All I ever did was die on you.

Hah! Too bad for Cyclops, The Blackest Night event wherein the dead shall rise again is happening only on the DC side.


Anonymous said...

ur destined to hell

ul go2 hell f ur lyk dat!

Anonymous said...

shit ka nutbuism

will said...

well, then, if I'm going to hell... I'm dragging you with me!!!

smoketh said...

will join you both. :D

A.N.L. said...

Hi Mr/Ms. Anonymous. I dont see the relevance of your comment. If you are so eager to leave a comment on my friend's blog, and waste minutes typing your comment and doing word verification, wouldn't it be appropriate to identify yourself? Making anonymous comments is for losers. Apparently you are one.

will said...

Hello, ANL! Oo nga, ang toxic mag word verification just for these kinds of comments!