Monday, June 1, 2009

Meanwhile, At The Hall of Justice

I just suddenly remembered that some 8 years ago I wanted to get that DC Direct Bat Signal replica in Comic Odyssey. I had asked the guy if he could kindly take it off the box and turn the damn bat signal on--of course I want to see if it will reach the skies, but he became all snooty and superior and made all these weird faces. My neighbors in 611 Nakpil then were Abe, Tet, Ghea, Jayne, and Aimee Lou Manalo Nano, who is on her leave now and is probably in some deserted island. The Bat Signal would have done a wonderful purpose--I would only need to turn it on, Abe would see it, and in a few minutes she would deliver newly-cooked rice and I would be sated. I never did get to buy that Bat Signal. Which reminds me, back in the early 1990's my brother and I would go to the tiangge-like mall of Cash & Carry and we would marvel at the huge amount of WWF, X-Men, and Batman The Animated Series action figures. Of course we didn't have our own money, so we could only get to buy one each around every two months. In a couple of years the darn tiangge-like mall was burned to the ground. Those toys. All those toys.

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