Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whine For The Day

We're showing The Transformers this Friday, and I'm begging you to buy tickets from me. My blog invitation about Batman last year was a spectacular failure, basically because my technique sucked--I said that your money wouldn't even suffice for a meropenem, but maybe CBG strips. This year I'm changing my technique, so let me just say this: I'm broke. I can't afford to buy all these tickets when I'm already having a hard time saving up for rent and food. I am a government employee who can hardly make ends meet, and if I have to pay for all these tickets I will have to subsist for three weeks on canned food and toilet bowl water. I am poor. Very. So poor that I am thinking twice about continuing my training, and am in fact contemplating on being a call center agent. Just last week I pilfered a plastic of galletas--from a charity ward patient's rationed food. I was just so hungry.


Lalaloo said...

Please, please buy tickets from Willy! :)

abe said...

Aaaah, an awful suggestion for you not to get hungry : Sell one of those action figures! ;) I know, how could I even suggest such a thing?!!