Thursday, July 2, 2009


As if on cue Smoketh has just revealed that months ago she has been exhibiting the strange ability to see a dead girl in white. While in the seniors' callroom she would note, in her peripheral vision, a girl in white with long hair standing over Thorn's desk. This has happened more than once, and she has been keeping it a secret. Renal then disclosed that she, too, has been visited by this white lady, to Smoketh's relief. Renal, however, has extensive dead seeing abilities. Since childhood she could see dead people, until recently. Must have been the Lasik she recently got.

While in the college paper office way, way back, a co-editor revealed that she could see the vivid colors around a person, ie, their auras. She also claimed that ghosts would always appear to her in the UP campus. To elaborate her claims she said that the ghosts do not usually discern if they are walking on floors, hence whenever they walk towards the Sunken Garden they would keep on walking and float when they get to the sunken part.

I haven't personally seen a ghost, but I've seen a UFO once. One 3 am on a Sunday I was on my way to Diliman for the weekly ROTC, and I saw something floating and zipping wildly in the dark sky. I did read in one survival guide that if you see a malevolent alien your best defense is by poking it in the eyes, the eyes being their most vulnerable part. Well and good if we're talking about the X-Files Zeta Reticulan version, but not if it's the Aliens monster alien version, in which case we would need to have Ripley's big muscles and be able to shoot a missile launcher with one arm.

Speaking of Ripley, I've recently listened again to the Official Soundtrack of one of my favorite films, The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Matt Damon, an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Patricia Highsmith, which bored Mrs. Therese, who is now very much pregnant and is trapped inside their room, her husband Paenguin having been stricken with flu-like symptoms, and her brother living in their house in Cubao having the same darn flu-like symptoms. Her brother is a Janet Jackson junkie, and I once happened to see him yelp as he saw a just-released Janet Jackson album. I also yelped when I saw The Talented Mr. Ripley album in the racks eight years ago. It features My Funny Valentine sung by Matt Damon, the eerie Lullaby for Cain by Sinead O' Connor, and a bunch of wonderful jazz tracks by Dizzy Gillespie, Guy Barker, and such. From Smoketh's strange abilities to Guy Barker. Heh.

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