Friday, October 16, 2009

Whining About Whinification

Lately there has been a resurgence of the culture of whinification. Whinification is of course as old as the Sumerian tribes before they were abducted by aliens, because everybody whines. You whine. I whine. A lot. But mostly in this blog. Patients whine. Co-residents whine. Even Len-Len and Marth V whine (only on one or two occasions in the past many years, at most). It is all well and good, and we enjoy hearing whines. We stop enjoying hearing whines, however, when they are unfunny. And when they are high-pitched. Because really, whining in itself by definition is high-pitched, but a high-pitched whine can break through the time-space continuum. Also, whining in a very crowded, moist, fetid, noisy, place, ie, the emergency room, can make everyone within earshot go nuts, because it’s difficult to work with tinnitus. In Survivor, one of the indications for getting voted out is if you whine a lot. In residency, whining should be an indication to get kicked in the ass, physically. Write a blog or smoke a cigarette in ambs, damn it, and stop whining.


ANL said...

Hello Willyboy.. Lenlen whines occasionally, but not in the normal average person whine (e.g.. Hayyy, ang tagal tagal matapos ng rounds.) Ganun lang, one sentence. Kulang sa follow up and facial expression. heehee.

The Great Falsetto Woman said...

Whine. Whine. Whine.

The Great Falsetto Woman said...

Whining should pervade all forms of communication. Face to face interactions, grand meetings, blogs, facebook, etc.