Friday, December 11, 2009

Again, Blackest Night Updates!

The Blackest Night has been running for almost six months now, with the main title on its 5th issue and a lot of its tie-ins having completed their run. It sort of gets redundant and repetitive after a while, with the pattern of memory downloading, a full page splash of the dead rising (RISE!), the meeting between the dead and its loved one, and the ensuing battle going on and on. Still, it’s particularly fun to see Ted Kord, Maxwell Lord, Zor-El, and the other dead rise back and go on a killing rampage, so my attention is still holding up. Important updates and spoilers for whoever would care, then!

1. Issue 5 is wonderful, with the Rainbow Raiders finally complete and uttering their oaths at the same time in one fun splash page. Orange Lantern still has no oath, and although he is accused of being a one-note character he is still funny.

2. Still on issue 5, how annoying is it that after a long wait Batman finally rises only to be disintegrated again after just a couple of panels? Intensivists claim that that is not really Bruce Wayne Batman, as his corpse is safely kept in the Batcave, although there is also another Batman marooned in the past painting on caves. Interesting.

3. Just when we were getting kind of bored with “RISE!”, Geoff Johns might have noticed it and came up with something new and really really fun… “DIE!” Quite frustrating though that just when Supes and Wondy are finally getting in on the battle they are ordered to die and they die. Sort of.

4. Kyle Ryner is dead. I think. He sacrificed himself or something, I always get confused with the action in Green Lantern corps because the space opera histrionic art tends to get in the way.

5. All the colored lantern corps combine their powers to defeat Nekron, but they fail. This is great, because we don’t want to see a Carebears Care ending. Truly there seems to be some gigantic twist in the end. There has to be.

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