Friday, December 11, 2009

So Fast

Time is.

The title and that first line are pure plagiarism of an old entry of blogger-mate and hostess extraordinaire Lalaloo. Indeed, time has raged on faster than expected. A senior Fellow oriented us on our first day that getting into the program in this institution would give you the advantage of seeing patients in three years others would see in ten in terms of amount and quality, but you would also age ten years faster. Indeed, I am feeling the effects of this rapid aging. I climbed a flight of stairs this morning and I was panting by the time I reached the top. Wait, you mean it’s the smoking, the alcohol, and the drugs?

In a few days Smoketh, Rina Renal, Thorn, Omar, Mikeylou, Queen Mum, and the rest of my original batchmates will be leaving, and I’ll miss them horribly. Athough not really because they’ll be back in a few months as high and mighty subspecialists. I think I’ve been a good friend to them, so here’s hoping they’ll be kind when they slave me around in my rotation with them. Farewell, people, sleep till 2 pm on December 17!


ANL said...

Grabe, ang bilis nga. Senior ka na next year.. At sina Mar, Jayne, tapos na... Wealth of knowledge ka na.. Wowwowooooooowwwww... Mahaba na Dx mo? ;) Miss you soo much.

will said...

abe! i think pag senior dapat mas maiksi na ang diagnosis, para mas sure and hindi puro differentials hahaha. pero puro differentials pa rin ako, hanggang dun lang talaga ang kaya eh har de har har.