Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sepia on Sertraline

After not having been in our favorite non-showbiz secluded coffee shop for a few days the barista was apparently very elated to see me. We haven't even exchanged a smile before, but when he saw me, he flashed a wide grin, made a gesture of dusting away something on his left shoulder using his right hand, and said, "hey sir, Wazzup, Wazzup!"

This got me disoriented, as I immediately imagined that I was back in 2003. Or as the English would say, I was quite disorientated. Disorientated, to go with dyspnoea and oedema.

2003 was a very annoying year. Every time I try to imagine what I was like in 2003 I always imagine myself constipated and in perpetual hot flashes. And extremely elated and laughing at everything. Oh yeah, I was in some expensive anti-depressants around that time. And BSLR West had no airconditioning to aggravate the disgusting perspiration. The only thing that got me off the meds was Mrs. Therese, who told me that if I would save all the money I use buying the pills I could buy a new action figure every ten days or so. Plus the perpetual hot flashes and constipation were annoying. Wow, now he's telling us about his constipation, you say, rolling your eyes. Oh yes, I am! Constipation constipation constipation. My drug-induced constipation was so bad I had to use a laxative just so I could move once every two weeks. Very interesting, eh?

But now, what used to be a very non-showbiz, secluded, secret coffee shop for respite is very much populated by... medical students! In the five other tables are students reciting... nerves! And tracing... blood flow! And... getting all-around annoying! It's like I'm back in the horrible... 2001!

2001 was a very horrible year, you see....

Okay I'm boring you.

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ANL said...

Huwat? 2001 was a horrible year? Ang saya nga nun di ba? Magkapitbahay tayo at nakikinig ka pa sa tsismisan thru the walls?!!! Naalala mo nanood tayo ng Regine-Aga puke movie?? We had some fun times!!!!! or should I remind you of them?? O sige, exclude the endless memmorizing of some useless Anatomy stuff and Biochem stuff.FUN FUN!