Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest Blogger

willy just passed away.

just kidding. he attests that he is in the netherlands having sex. with the solitary condom that he has in his black parker bag which he only washes once a year. hence, it is i...the guest blogger....blogging away.

daily, i insist to wil to write new blogs. he often replies affirmatively, but currently, he is busy. he is frantically highlighting his segment of harrisons (which he tore away and stuffed neatly into those color coded slide folders) as if there was no tomorrow. to please our chief. his former batchmate. i write now with bitterness.

more blogs will! more blogs!

because this plea fell on deaf ears, i know implore you dear readers, masses of followers of this specialagentfoxmulder blog, to message him endlessly until he produces more blogs. MORE BLOGS! for our pleasure. so that we can have something to look forward to. so that our uninteresting lives will be well written and salivated over by prominent people in our community, care of the master himself. so that one day, in the near future, these chronicles may be shared to other people in the form of a book.

just kidding. this is willy. i just tried to write through the persona of someone else. and no, i am not having sex in the netherlands.

Special agent fox mulder: no, it is not me after all. thank you guest blogger Smirketh for gracing my page and filling in for me while I'm having sex. Wow, this really works, having a guest blogger really saves me a lot of time. Hereby inviting you all to guest blog, you can write about anything!


ANL said...

Write write write more willy! Totoo ba , gusto mo na guest blogger??

will said...

yeah abe just tell me if you want to guest blog it shalt be my honor! i'll message you my account details.