Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soundtrack and Quotes

For indeed, we must have these to complement our daily experiences. That way we can always have the histrionics of pretending that we are in some great TV drama or a sitcom. Obviously I'm using "we", when in fact I'm just pertaining to myself. For some strange reason I always feel like I'm in a sitcom, be it during a restful coffee conversation or service rounds. Don't try to come up with what that strange reason might be, I'll just say it out loud with two words: mental illness. Oh what has become of me, I've gone to the dogs, spiralled down directly to hell, etc.

I tried. I've tried really hard to restrain myself from dropping corny punchlines in daily conversations. I've even tried to be a monster and toxify everyone during rounds and pretend to have a modicum of self-respect, but every word just comes out as a punchline. My poor gen med service. Even when I've tried to bully and harrass Pyro by saying I would make ngudngod his face on the box of Mister Donuts he got me nobody believed I would do it and all I got were annoyed grunts that the line was not worthy of being shortlisted for Best Screenplay. I'd better create a better repertoire of bullification.

The recent world-shattering crisis of getting a laparoscopic chole has reminded me of a quote to define that life-altering experience. Obviously, that quote could only come from Marquis de Sade himself--more accurately, the Geoffrey Rush version in Quills hissing to the buxom chambermaid Kate Winslet:

"I will fuck you in every orifice of your body, and create orifices where there are none!"

Ouch. Stay away, Marquis, my peritoneum is the only sacred thing I have left, go on and choke on a rosary.

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