Monday, February 22, 2010

stench thesaurus

specialagentfox and i were sitting at gjs when he exclaimed in an unsure tone, "may naaamoy kang mabaho?" nonchalantly, i replied, "meron." he replied, "ang galing noh, it was just not there a while ago, and then you smell it and then...pabaho siya ng pabaho." and we went into a detailed analysis of how our brain magically transforms a scent/stench into a set of words put together to describe what we smell.

1. garbage juice - you know how when garbage settles, there is often that liquidy portion in the bottom portion of the garbage bag which mixes together and produces that characteristic "maasim na amoy?" hence you have garbage juice.
2. amoy paa. self explanatory.
3. parang cervical ca. go figure.
4. DM foot.
5. amoy anghet.
6. mapanghe

and with those words in mind, we changed tables and went on with our business.

Special agent fox mulder: Wow, this blog can now write itself. it is now self-sustaining. Thank you, Daria. More guest bloggers!