Friday, February 26, 2010


Have recently conducted an interns' oral exams and of course there was the obligatory zooming back to sepia-fied nostalgia, as if it were decades ago. My IM rotation as an intern has always been hugely filled with pure and utter (pure and utter!) misery. I had declared then in pure drama as I was typing away those darn clinical abstracts that I would never ever want to even see the walls or the floor or anything connected to the department, and where am I now, huh? Where am I now?! (lights a cigarette)

Ditz the Titz is another fixture in my IM memory being my servicemate in doom. We were always being slammed by the residents and the consultants at the time, and Ditz the Titz at one point in a fit of rage pasted a mini-poster of Kelly Clarkson at the back of my clipboard. I dared not tear it out, she could dislocate my shoulder without effort. Everytime Caloy would see it he would bleat "Since you been gooooone!!!!!!!"

It was in the callroom one day then that Ditz the Titz was being teased by Stryptophorophoropustyca for having muscular thighs.

"Hahahaha," Stryptophorophoropustyca laughed, "ang laki-laki ng hita mo!"
"Hmph," Ditz the Titz hmphed. "Arte-arte di naman kagandahan."

This retort fell on deaf ears as Stryptophorophoropustyca was too amused with herself. She continued to tease.
"Hita! Hita!" Stryptophorophoropustyca laughed.
"Mukha! Mukha!" Ditz the Titz laughed back.

Indeed, Medicine does this to you.


ANL said...

This is one of my fave kwentos of all time!! Lagot ka pag nabasa ito ni Mukha.

Major karindihan.

will said...

ANL! thanks for the FB birthday greet! uwi na kayo! may chinese porn site na naman na nakiki infiltrate dito.

ANL said...

Gusto ko nga sabihin sa yo na dapat moderated ang comments. baka iyan yung dati na anonymous na inggit sa yo. haha.