Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subsubsub (and so on) specializing

And in a couple of days, ex-senior residents are returning as high and mighty fellows! High fives galore, rib-crushing hugs, major drools to all of you for mastering Harrison's and passing the exam, we are mighty proud and we hope to emulate thy tenacity. See, all the hard work, the panicky facebook status messages, and the self-imposed exiles in bombshelters paid off. Now that was fast, and it was just a few blog entries ago when I've waived goodbye to all of you, and now most of you are coming back! As Mighty, Intellectual, but Lovable Fellows (MILF!)! So welcome to yet another episode of... first yearhood! There's just no end to first yearhood, is there. No end to specializing and subspecializing and subsub (and so on)-specializing either. A few years ago I've decided that I would subsubsubspecialize on Kupffer cells. But now I'm a little confused, Clara cells seem interesting too.


Walking on Water said...

First year fellow-hood is worse hell than first year residency! And in 16 days, I'm done with it! Yey!

The Commuter said...

I beg to disagree. . .First year as consultant is WORSE. . . Maybe, it's just that the first year of anything is probably bad because it means moving out of our comfort zones.