Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Everything is About You, JD-Lu and HIV!- An MK Entry

I see that I have been very cheery and positive and gee whiz in tmy recent blog entries, always seeing the positive side of things and always being nice and graceful in the face of adversity. What, now you don't think I was being positive at all? Oh yeah? And you don't think that I haven't been facing any form of adversity whatsoever anyway? It doesn't matter, because I only wanted to say that by way of introducing... this year's ultimate, major karindihan RANT!

Because you see, I don't want to come back to work tomorrow. Or ever. See, I told you, major karindihan rant. This is not a totally original rant, as no one ever wants to come back to work anyway. Except perhaps JD-Lu. He is always very passionate about everything. He would post ECG's of the Day for the clerks and interns to quiz over every single day. He would read volumes and volumes on the vasculitides and stuff and narrate everything during his service rounds. He would rush to finish his lunch just so he could call for another services rounds, the 4th for that day. Or what about HIV, he's always seizing with passion for this sort of work as well, writing complicated quiz shows for students, conducting morning endorsements about prolate ellipsoid and stuff, without sacrificing excellent performance in Lazer Tag, Boggle, and DC Superheroes VS Mortal Kombat as well. See, that's why we should vote out HIV first should we hold a department Survivor--HIV will win every immunity challenge.

But this is not about JD-Lu or HIV, is it! This is not about their competency and joy, this is about my whinings, utter misery, ennui, and over-all annoyance at everything! Over-all Annoyance At Everything, to compete with General Hatred For Everything! And what has brought about this sort of high-level emotional vampirism, you don't ask? I could go on and on with complicated techno-psycho-babble, but I think everything goes back to my pure and utter... laziness! I always feel fatigued, and although fatigue can be explained away simply by cancer and connective tissue disease, I think this supreme laziness and fatigue are rooted to this sense of being lost in this sea of high and might intellectuals who cathect their inner-motherhood to... I can't finish this paragraph.

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