Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Attention Test

While sitting in the ambulance parking lot at around 3 pm, after having, er, facilitated an ambulance conduction, with the help of some residents from other departments, obviously it should be a collective effort being a very toxic task at that. Fragment. So while sitting in the ambulance parking lot I realized, which is a pretentious word as it wasn't even a new thought, it has been there every moment every day so it wasn't a "realization" in the strictest sense, in much the same way that Jean Grey was so distressed that she couldn't contain the Dark Phoenix entity every second of every day so she would just rather have Wolverine stab her to death and stuff and such drama. In the end she sort of disintegrated herself by getting in the way of some Mkraan beam. But it wasn't really her or something, I think it was some just physical manifestation of the phoenix force or something. So. While sitting in the ambulance parking lot I realized... that I wouldn't want to walk back to the callroom. I wanted to teleport. I wanted to blink out of that moment and appear in the callroom. Teleportation is a run of the mill science concept but I would still want that power. Obviously I would have to contend with the already much tackled issue of the possibility of teleporting into a solid object, such that my head might be appear inside a rock or something. If you see me my body wriggling with my head inside a rock don't free me. I would walk with a rock for a face.

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Kristine Myra said...

i would like to teleport into a marshmallow. was great seeing you, willy! -myra