Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you've been talking to me for the past few days and I have this huh facial expression it's because I have a huh reaction to what you were saying, basically because I haven't been listening. For some cosmic reason I haven't been receptive to any auditory stimulus, except for auditory hallucinations. If you've been ranting and it was a terrifically interesting rant all I might have heard was a long drone of blablabla but it doesn't mean I didn't find you wonderfully entertaining, it's just that there is something competing with your fantastic whines, specifically, my own particular inattention. It's like having a horse palahoho, only it covers my entire head. This is not only limited to rants, as I haven't been listening even to consultants nagging me or giving me high, self-important admonishments. There's just something in the wind that's been sucking out any inherent receptiveness, and I want that wind to keep on swirling.


Ate Kaye said...

hmmm...you have to seriously get a life, cuz. that's borne by too much stress at work. :-) but yeah, I have many moments when I have the same "huh" look, and more moments when I just want to give one my "huh" look, either because I am not interested in what he/she's trying to tell me, or because I just find that person unworthy of a dignified, sensible answer/reaction.

Walking on Water said...

what's wrong will? must be the CENICU machines' incessant beeping getting to you.

will said...

ma'am jean, those incessant beepings and the constant palaisipan kung ano ang gagawin ko dun sa mga alerts na yun sa mech vent screens!

ate kaye, same here, sometimes it's deliberate!

stalker smoketh said...

useless comment: hindi ba siya palajojo?

and i wish i had that huh look too. and ipod earphones to boot.