Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its all a lie, said guest blogger Smoketh. Lie!

whoever said that fellowship was more benign that residency must have been on lsd. i was chatting with smoketh and she said with such conviction "if you are considering going to fellowship to have more success and prestige, think it over, because you will be living in a non-stop world of the devil wears prada." topic sentence.

wrong. i am smoketh. again. guest blogging. and i am babysitting the little duwendes cleaning up the dializer left overs as i speak.

hmppph. i now gape at specialagentfoxmulder because i am out of thoughts. i am no longer interesting. i cannot think of anything to write. i am a whithered grape...raisin at that. or even a prune. a big prune. fellowship has done this to me.

dear reader, is this the fate that you wish to have?

unlike specialagentfoxmulder, who after his intensely difficult CVS exam, is now just downloading itunes 9. gone were the days of our music appreciation sessions and sing-along to the mp3 files here in gjays. gone were the days of confusion regarding which is the best itune version to use on my ipod. i have turned into a prune, a charting machine prune.

rant rant rant. rant rant rant.

a meal of siomai in hap chang will solve all this. siomai. and taho. and garlic fish. mmmmmmm.


will said...

Gee, thanks Smoketh! Rant some more. More guest bloggers!

Walking on Water said...

who's the devil who wears prada? (they just live a few walls away so i figured i have to find out) Hmmm, at least this devil has quite a fine taste.

will said...

smoketh didn't specify, but the nature of the work makes her feel like anne hathaway. ang utusan level ay "can you check if I left my USB on my table"?

Anonymous said...

Imtern Am Lin: we still love you ma'am smoketh...reminded me of the line: "Where is that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday?" hihihi...MORAL SUPPORT...wahoo!

Walking on Water said...

Really? It's that bad??? Parang nagets ko na kung sino. Hmmmm, baka naman she just has poor memory talaga. =)

will said...

ma'am jean, "poor memory" is perfect. smoketh keeps on saying na may alzheimer's ang lahat. ang LAHAT!

smoketh said...

alzheimer's including me...o m g! i am transmogrifying into one of them!