Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And For Today's Whine Speciale

1 am, shirtless, in bed, wearing only boxers. Me. Disgusting, right. But it’s bleeping hot, and the electric fan in full blast was blowing warm gas. While in the middle of my sleep dreaming of being in a toy store full of DC Direct action figures on sale I suddenly woke up gasping, diaphoretic, and totally fetid. “Ang ineeeet,” I whimpered. I put a shirt on and ran out of my room, cursing my fate for being poor and unable to afford airconditioning. I ran in Orosa, ran, ran, ran, okay maybe just walked, but it’s more fun to say ran ran ran, and a few houses away was a circle of inebriated guys howling and screaming AFTG in some late night party. I looked for an establishment, any establishment, with airconditioning, and could only find the nearby 7-11. “Cuuuuuurses,” I said as I stood in front of the aircon. Actually I didn’t say it, I must have just whimpered a pedestrian "potah", but it’s fun to pretend being Gollum in these times of despair.

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