Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Childhood Trauma

Mrs. Therese has recently dragged me to Charles and Keith, that bright, shiny store in Rob selling expensive shoes with all sorts of glittery contraptions and buttons and stuff. In a totally reprehensible lookist manner I asked Mrs. Therese, if, for instance, you're ugly, would such expensive shoes and bags add anything to your look? I know, sometimes the id just takes over and I say these nasty things, as if I'm not a troglodyte myself. "Of course it would," Mrs. Therese said, which is expected as Mrs. Therese is the earth mother sort.

This despicable lookist outlook probably stems from childhood, because we always need to source our bad attitudes to some childhood trauma and such in a pop psych manner. Back in high school our Sibika and Kultura teacher (or was it HEKASI?) asked us this question:

Teacher: Caucasians, what are Caucasians?
Nobody cared.
Teacher: Caucasians. Yung maputi, matangos ang ilong, blue ang mata, matangkad, in other words... perfect!

Which brings us to my total ineptness in science and anything related to science and how it stems from a similar childhood trauma.

Teacher: Inertia, what is inertia?
Nobody, of course, cared.
Teacher: Inertia. It's the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion, or an object at rest to remain at rest, unless acted upon by a force. For instance if I have my dog just sitting there (points at an invisible dog) and I call it, "choooo!" and the dog is not in the mood to come to me and just stays there... THAT is inertia!

See, we can always blame childhood trauma for everything.


ANL said...

Ano ba Willy, tama si Mrs. Therese, may mga taong gumaganda talaga kapag expensivo ang borloloy. Pero meron din na walang nagagawa ang kayamanan. Oh wait, THE SWAN!!!
P.S. Willy, initials na nga lang nilalagay ko, sinasabi mo pa buong name ko. Hmp!

will said...

ahahahahaha oo nga pala, sinasagot ko ang mga posts mo using your entire name hahahaha. Namiss ko bigla ang... THE SWAN!