Thursday, April 1, 2010


Phony adventuristic tibak mode over! As Smoketh has so succinctly pointed out, UP Diliman days are over, there is no point speaking in such strained Filipino, I've just been making it difficult to read. It is indeed sad, but the reality is that the UP Diliman days are over, they've been over for ten years already and it is now time to belatedly move on, no more getting into class in tsinelas, no more rebuffing unwanted attention from nefarious religious groups in the Sunken Garden, no more walking out of classes to take to the streets at the slightest provocation, no more walking around and getting in the wrong jeep. Come to think of it, I never did get to memorize all the nooks and crannies in the campus, always finding myself in some strange path or building and wondering how it could have magically happened.

The ones who never seemed to figure out that these days are long gone, however, are the older doctors, having supposedly walked out of the hospital a few days ago. Interesting, brave, and such, but come to think of it, not really. What would have been interesting, brave, and such is if we residents walk out, since we're the ones staying in the hospital looking after everyone's patients anyway. But we wouldn't do it, because as I told Callistus Netromedev who has recently coaxed me to leave, people could genuinely die. And no politico-administrative whatever issue is worth that. Ooooh, blog entry starting to actually turn into some political editorial shit, but it wouldn't be complete, would it, it wouldn't be complete without mentioning these tibak buzz words so let me mention them for completion: proletariat! bourgeoisie! political prisoners! free the political prisoners! no to imperialism! Marx, Lenin, Castro! Tie-dyed t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!


Ate Kaye said...

yup, actually was thinking how the mass "LOA" could affect the entire hospital if it were the consultants who did that, not the residents.

and I applaud you residents for putting your patients' lives foremost in your hearts and minds... (tama ba?)

I miss UP. :-(

stalker smoketh said...

i do miss yuuupeeee diliman.

and you have a point. that the walk-out, although with a point for most people, is actually in a way, pointless.

ANL said...

Mukhang exciting dyan sa PGH ngayon ah, what will all the happenings! Major walk-out!
Nung Diliman makibaka days, sumama ka sa paglalakad papuntang Edsa di ba?!