Friday, April 9, 2010

We Want Them Veneers

Wow, people are really waifing up. The still on going Internal Medicine Biggest Loser is turning out to be quite a doozy, as we are enjoying seeing previously plump people turn into total waifs, and it would have been totally enjoyable if not for the fear that these people could actually die. Yes, die. Permanently. The latest graph shows that one person has lost 6.5% of his/her original weight in... two weeks! Obviously this would eventually need expensive work-up for some occult malignancy, but it doesn't matter, because all of them are looking excellent. The success of this contest is now begging for suggestions on new reality-type competitions in the department, and we get all sorts of suggestions. All very interesting, but what would be most interesting, of course, is Survivor. I don't know how this would work, I am just excited at the prospect of voting people out. Or perhaps we can just parlay the already ongoing IMBL contest into The Swan, wherein the residents would actually get nip, tucked, sliced and diced under an operating table. And da Vince veneers, yes, we want to see people in da Vinci veneers.


Anonymous said...

I have someone in mind. Let him join, them vote him out of the department. Forever.

will said...

yes, and we have to make sure he doesn't win the immunity necklace.