Sunday, June 13, 2010

High Estrogenic Content

I’ve been attempting to attend the morning endorsements the past few weeks, as the ward seniors this month are of the high estrogen variety and things could be very interesting. I was able to attend last month’s endorsements with an all-male ward senior cast, and it was kind of drab, and I could only sustain attention for 3 minutes. So an all-female cast this month would probably be a welcome change, with all the estrogens suffocating everyone in Guazon, although probably not as estrogenic as the OB morning Summary Rounds, which is not really estrogen-infused, more like menstrual fluid and lochia-flooded. The High-Estrogen Cast is composed of: Vampirella, who could tear out your carotids with her fangs, Djana, who could also tear out your carotids with her fangs, Popopopoker Face Popopoker Face who could… okay all of them can tear out your carotids with their fangs, along with Tessieloopagooparoop, Renrererenrenren, and Fulet Esplana. I did hear that last week Popopopoker Face Popopoker Face went “Hooooow daaaaare yaaaaaah!” when everyone lied to him that the one who should endorse was just monitoring when he really was absent ninja training instead in the Balkans or something. This should be good, I should come in early so I could catch all the high-pitchiness and the hair-tossing and eyelash flickering.

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