Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey, Beautiful

Is apparently the song by The Solids from which the papapapa-papapapa intro of How I Met Your Mother was taken. Having said that, here are some… questions. That people might want to answer with… answers. Which would be annoyingly cryptic to those who are not… concerned.

1.Hey, BOTD, whatever happened to your Astro Vision collection of Rom Com’s? Was it a) stepped on b) dropped in a toilet bowl or c) stolen by the real Astro Vision for threatening their business? Where am I going to get my fix of romantic comedies now?

2.Hey, Missus, take your pick: blowtorch, hatchet, or a machine gun? Putting it another way, would you rather: burn, hack, or make ratrat FN?

3.Hey ANL and Len-Len, when are you going to teach me some black ghetto Bronx way of saying “I’m going to kill you first!”? You’re the only ones I’ve informed of the death threat, so if you see me dead, killed assassin-style, you would know who to apprehend.

4.Hey, Chel, what, no rank-and-filing this year?

5.Hey, Marth V, what, no new post-coital adventures?

6.Hey, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, will you throw your used tampons in the trash can next time? They look cute but they're not bloody enough.

7.Hey, Shur, so apparently, Shur also lurs and churs? Do you believe in love? After love?

8.Hey, IM-Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect, any new revelations in my absence other than Lloydie’s wedding? No one caught doing heroin in the rest room? No one having a complete nervous breakdown with histrionics and declaration of self-mutilation? Nothing?

9.Hey, Jojapatmoju, did you get RBTDS some beer?

10.Hey, Enjh and Smoketh, was that the first and last beer drinking session with an unfettered/unattached Smoketh?


Eliza said...

it got dropped from a height of 2 feet by my dearest GCS 3! ahahaha.

pero hopefully marevive ko sa computer shop post boards! WAAAAAAH.

so many blog entries. i like! ahaha.

will said...

i know, ganyan talaga pag galing sa Rwanda kung saan walang internet hee hee

ANL said...

I'm sorry Willy but I can't translate that for you. I don't know about Ghetto language because we are Upper East Siders who shop at Bergdorf.. Joke lang, jologs kami.

Anywaaaaaaaay, kelangan na magpa-police report ka. Nakakatakot. I saw his FB page. Apparently mahilig sya sa boxing. Eeew, afraid!!!
BTW, ang haba naman ng hair ni Txxxx.. O di ba, hinahabol sya?!! Miss you Willyboy!