Monday, July 19, 2010

Kitty Galore

For one whole day Pyro was singing Pyramid by Charice in the callroom, which should be OK except that he only knows four words in the song, the first word "Stones", and "Like a Pyramid!" We were finally able to extract Pyro from this spell and dragged as many people as we could to Inception, which is groundbreaking (the dragging--9 people from the batch plus honorary batchmates derma people Monica and Eileen) and for the first time in almost 3 years Roothie was able to come with us. Inception is spectacular, highly entertaining, fun, and all the reviews are saying, so we will not repeat them here. Not many would think it's the best aspect, but I think the best bit would have to be the classic Mission: Impossible (the TV series, not the crap movies) group dynamic.

As in all the movies I watch I suddenly switched to DC Universe casting director mode and looked for potential stars for my ultimate DC Universe movie. Just to get it out of the way-- yes, yes , the 500 Days of Summer Guy should definitely play Spiderman and not that Garfield whoever, but since Spiderman is not DC we will not include him in the discussion. Juno Girl is the most stand-out to play a DC heroine, which is an interesting idea considering that she has already played a Marvel character, Shadowcat--the only good thing in that X3 movie where everyone died. Obviously, Juno Girl should play... the young Barbara Gordon as Batgirl!!! Yes, she is the ultimate Batgirl Year One Barbara Gordon, high-kicking Killer Moth in the face and all!!! And Tom Hardy should play Hawkman. Casting ends there.

The movie played for over two hours and sort of got tiring at certain points, specially when they continued to hit us on the head with the wife issue which got a little exasperating.
"Bakit kasi hindi na lang patayin yung wife para matapos na," Tits whispered.
"Oo nga, di naman kagandahan," I said.

Everyone seemed happy with the movie, except Hurricane Katrina, which is to my benefit as she only had this to say, "Dapat Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore na lang pinanood natin."

Indeed, Hurricane Katrina, and once it premieres here I will make it a point to drag the entire batch to the movie so we could all marvel at the masterpiece-in-the-making Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore!!! Title pa lang blockbuster na.

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