Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watch out, Krypto!

Cats. Have just realized that cats have played a much bigger role in my life than, say, medical education and psychiatric consults have. Years ago I've blogged about the death of my childhood cats (as opposed to singlehood cats, loneliness cats, voodoo cats, etc.). The nefarious Smi who would claw everyone in sight has been assassinated by an assassin employed by my parents, Slick has been run down by a tricycle, and Hazel fell over our neighbor's grounds and eaten by their evil dogs. Those events have triggered a latent desire to be a cat, and just a couple of years later I've written an essay on wanting to be a cat which was noted by my high school teacher and made her decide I would be fit to edit the high school paper. In college I've written a story about a telepathic dude whose last act was to transport his entire consciousness into the body of his pet cat. And then years later the movie Cats and Dogs was released, and I was among the first to watch, although it was pretty obvious even from the trailers that the cats would once again be portrayed as evil. Even though it was a wonderful movie I've spent sleepless nights and drug sessions in my fortress of solitude bemoaning my fate of not being a cat instead, until it has come to my attention that there will be a new Cats and Dogs movie aptly titled The Revenge of Kitty Galore! And I will not be satisfied unless the cats feast on the doggie carcasses at the end of the film!

And truly this is the year of the cat, as who should come into the fore in the DC Universe but the new Red Lantern of Rage and the best character creation of Geoff Johns so far, the purely nefarious... Dex-Starr!!! His origin in one sentence: He is a cutesy cat named Dexter who has been adopted by some woman and this woman was killed and he is overwhelmed with rage and a Red Lantern of Rage swoops down to his tail turning him into the kitty buddy of Atrocitus as the Red Lantern Dex-Starr!!!


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