Monday, August 16, 2010

Meander Meander Meander

My wonderful JAPOD followed by her next JAPOD and next next JAPOD (their own designations)approached me one morning and asked what time our rounds would be.
"Our activity for the day," I said with much conviction, "is sleep. No rounds today!!!" Yes, I feel like one of those elementary teachers we had who would come in, tell us to sleep, and we would be woken up by the bell signalling the period was over. I should start selling tocino.

And during actual, physical (non-telepathic) rounds I tell them, "OK, present the history, physical exam, labs, and course in the wards... in Haiku!"
And when a new intern came into our service, "Welcome to our service! Your first task... perform an interpretative dance!!!"

And yet I still wonder if I command any bleeping respect. Maybe I should give them a final exam before the month ends or something. A final exam... on the DC Universe Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and Blackest Night Mega-events. Which they would answer and interpret with... a sabayang pagbigkas.


Anonymous said...

sana maging senior ko ulit kayo sir will!kahit mag-interpretive dance pa ko.hehehe -mardzhot :)

mikoacosta said...

Sir!!! You didn't give a chance. I actually prepared for a song number. I even brought speakers with matching multiplex/karaoke so I could sing...hmmph!