Thursday, October 21, 2010


No one can say I didn't try. I did, I really did (in a whiny voice). I offered comic books (the Marvel ones I didn't like hee hee hee), offered love advice, I even debased--DEBASED!!!-- myself and said I could give you a pedicure or free body massage if you would just guest blog, but obviously no one was interested. How can Mulder and Scully live on with just me babbling around? How can that be, when I always get BK (Baseline Karindihan) from reading my own voice? So just to lessen the pressure, I would just ask for very short entries, in particular... haikus.

I hate poetry, but haikus serve the purpose of shortening things up so we can go home, drink coffee, and lur. As we abhor long rounds, both as the roundser and the roundsee, I often would ask the interns to present the history and the 1-month hospital course of the patient in a haiku. Of course, no one was again interested, so basically there is just the generalized lack of interest in all things all around. Having ranted that, let me give the mechanics for the haikus you can submit:

1. It has to be about feelings. Yes, feelings. So we can all vomit.
2. It can also discuss big, sprawling things like the environment and women empowerment, if you're into that sort of thing, so long as you follow the haiku format.
3. And of course, since no one will really guest haiku anyway, disregard any of the rules and go on with your porn watching.

And what do we have here, our very first haiku submission! And it's aptly called, "Nega"


How poverty sucks
It's always "ideally"
So they die, die, die

More haikus!


Anonymous said...

yoko na sana
magduty ever ever
please lang, pacover

will said...

thanks anonymous for giving us a haiku that perfectly describes 3 years of residency. 6 years, if cvs ka. di ka naman mag CCVS di ba? Ano na? Huy ano na, pakopya!