Friday, October 29, 2010


Back then as high school seniors we would go to the local public schools and teach stuff about Jesus and stuff. And these elementary kids are sharp. One of them has asked Paulita Gomez how she would explain the 3-in-1 concept of the Holy Trinity. Paulita Gomez got a banana, and broke it into 3 pieces.

PG: Ilang piraso ito?

Kids (collectively): Tatlo!

PG: Pero ilan ang saging ko?

Kids (collectively): Isa!

PG: Yan ang Holy Trinity. Ngayon mabalik tayo sa Parabula ng Buto ng Mustasa.

One day while waiting for the kids to enter their rooms after lunch I noted Feydruta sitting alone in a corner looking quite dejected. Feydruta is one of my favorite people of all time since elementary. When once asked by our Math teacher why he wasn’t listening while she was teaching us integers and stuff Feydruta declared without batting an eyelash, “Because I have powers!!!” We all kept quiet when we overheard this, but in our heads: slow clap slow clap slow clap.

Now back to the scene where I saw him sitting alone: In Peer Counselor (Peer Counselor! AHAHAHAHAH!!!!) mode I asked Feydruta what was up. He said he’s bored. He’s bored today and he was bored yesterday. He was so bored yesterday, he told me, so bored in fact that he never left his room the entire day and masturbated 6 times.

“I see,”—is what I would probably say now. I can’t remember exactly how I responded to it, but I’m pretty sure I must have said something coarse like, “may porn o walang porn?”

Eventually Feydruta has moved on to become some sort of a very respectable high-ranking navy officer with multiple trips and trainings abroad. I don’t have his number and I can’t find him in Facebook, but now that I’m recalling these things I would like to ask him, something that I’ve been dying to ask him but for some reason never got around to asking him: Anong powers ang pinagsasasabi mo?


Pusang pa-virg said...

Hahahaha. Grabe sir will nakapikit mata ko habang binabasa ko to (huh??).

Will said...

Hi there! Thanks for droppin by my blog. Follow na kita ha. :)

Callistus Netromedev said...

he had a friendster account. must be hibernating like apocalypse. he's a cool guy. a true geek. he was reading dune way back then.

will said...

Pusang pa-virg: parang horror movie ahahahaha

Will: thanks! I eerily have the exact same books that you've mentioned in your entry!

Callistus N: friendster!!! green na ang logo ng friendster ngayon by the way ahahaha

kaye said...

Just read this entry and it had me LOLing again.

peer counselor. hahaha! that was cool way back then. dunno if they still have it there.

and catechism...i remember some of my catechists (yes, i was head cat in central 1) crying after a session because those smart kids would always try to engage them in debates. those were the days.

but i am curious not just about feydruta's true identity, but indeed, what powers he wields. heh.