Thursday, October 28, 2010

For More! Cannibalism.

And because someone else made patol to my quest for haikufication of everything, I now present to you another entry by a reader, which she has composed while we were uncomfortably ensconced in some dark, mapanghi stairwell somewhere. She has posted this originally as a comment in UHBJAW's haiku entry, but of course we couldn't miss any opportunity to cannibalize everything to churn out another blog entry. Ladies and gentlemen (in Rod Serling voice hee hee), I present to you, the deep and dark entry of the long lost Smoketh entitled, "Lur".

lur lur lur. to lur.
how i look forward to lur.
nod. nod. nod. tara!


Autumn said...

winner haiku! ΓΌ

BOTD said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. naiimagine ko kayo nito na may hawak pang mga lur...or for more...may mga thought bubble na lur ang laman! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

will said...

teynks for dropping by, autumn and botd, now drop your own haikus!

Anonymous said...

dejected. alone.
synonymous with eth-dee.
will this ever end?

Tennille said...

i wish they had brains.
but the zombies just ate them.
let's play P V Z.


Callistus Netromedev said...

hands around your shaft.
rubbing. teasing. caressing.
this 'til your next fuck.