Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Haikufication of Smoketh, Tennille, and Callistus N.

On to our continued quest to haikufy everything, as everything can be reduced to a haiku: the geometry of flower petals, the rates of water dripping, feelings such as hatred, even diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, blather blather blather, because obviously I've just seen the movie Pi which proposes that everything can be reduced and expressed as numbers. We henceforth welcome three new, very diverse haiku entries into This Could Be A Job For Mulder and Scully!

Our first entry for today is from Callistus Netromedev, who was probably inspired to write this haiku after reading my blog entry Feydruta. Or was he. Or was he, in fact, inspired by whatever he was doing at the time he was creating this in his head. Either way, this is probably dedicated to lonely men out there with the pat-on-the-back message that yes, there is always hope.

hands around your shaft.

rubbing. teasing. caressing.
this 'til your next fuck.

Ahem. Thank you Callistus, that last line gives us hope. Now wipe that gunk from your keyboard. Our next entry is from the long lost Smoketh. Smoketh has been remarkably absent the past twenty entries, basically because she is dead. Emotionally. In the dialysis unit. She'll be back in the scene after just a couple of days, but as she is still stuck in the dialysis unit sucking poisons and stuff herself she has sent us this haiku of despair.

dejected. alone.
synonymous with eth-dee.
will this ever end?

Of course it will end, Smoketh, it will end tomorrow, in fact. Everything ends. Love ends. Life ends. Lurring ends, quickly, unless you buy those really long ones. Or the electronic ones.

Our final haiku for the day is from Tennille, a haiku which can be interpreted in many ways: we want to eat bulalo, those people are really stupid, or stop doing this teaching rounds on me I have no interest to learn I don't give a crap about electrolytes and stuff because I just want to play Plants and Zombies and getouttahere!!!

i wish they had brains.

but the zombies just ate them.
let's play P V Z.

More haikus!


bhw said...

hey will, this is somewhat boring but a constant thought of mine... just thought i'd share =)

title: Pano na ang pang-lur?

tapos na tayo
ilan buwan na lamang
la na D B P

(wonder if "no more D B P" sounds better?)


will said...

thanks for that entry, BHW! Bigla tuloy ako nasenti. Umuwi na kayong lahat dito at nang makapag meeting na!

bhw said...

huhuhu! unfortunately ako ang papalit kay taho (a.k.a tufu) sa batangas =( definitely limited lur for me. sob... sob... sob... i hate it.

will said...

TAHO! Ahahahahhahahahah! dapat pala dati pa natin sya tinatawag na ganyan