Sunday, October 3, 2010

Portal For More Suffering

Crossed paths with NSJK while carrying a huge amount of COOP food, and NSJK remarked, "Nagpapacontest ka na lang, ahahaha."
This of course is in reference to my recent blog entry asking anyone who cares to write a caption for Lloydie, Aubrey, and Jaime's photo. A few people actually cared, and gave very interesting suggestions, and just for giving a fuck, all of you win, you can all have a date with any of the people/entity in the photo. And just in case, I'm not suggesting anything, just in case--I have free parking tickets in Sogo Hotel.

Truly this blog has not only jumped the shark, but got eaten, regurgitated, and crapped by the shark. In television TV series which have totally gone astray and resorted to stunt casting guest stars, referencing old episodes, doing all sorts of novelty episodes, and generally being bad are referred to as having jumped the shark. Just this weekend I've accosted a couple of friends and acquaintances to write for TCBAJFMS.

"I might not be up to par with your standard," Koopa Paratroopa said.
"There is NO FUCKING STANDARD!!!" I glowered.

Or maybe it's just the season, the impending end, that is causing me to glower. In a few week's time would be the fellowship exams, yet another portal for more--FOR MORE!!!--suffering and confusion. Chief has recently asked me and some others to accompany her in Rheumatology fellowship. Chief is the gold standard in everything. As I told Tits: I'd look like trash beside her in terms of looks, performance, eloquence, intellect, fashion, etc.

And I could imagine this scenario if she and I would be the only rheuma fellows next year.

HAMI: May we call on the fellow-in-charge, what was the indication for MPPT?!?!
Me: (stuttering, breaking into sweat, going into arrhythmia) ah eh, ah eh, I was the fellow-in-charge and ah, eh, ah, eh... (elbows Chief beside me and whispers) bakit daw, chief, bakit daw...

I have no bleeping idea what subspecialty to take. And as I also told Tits: kahit ano basta walang duty. This is in keeping with my original reason why I took the residency I took: kahit ano basta walang bata.


BOTD said...

ang masasabi ko dito ay isang napakalakas na IKR!!!!!!!!!!

HTGOF said...

So when can i get the parking tickets?!

The Commuter said...

they're not into glamor, eloquence, etc... After all, they accepted me. Hehehe. You just have to show patience, diligence, and the ability to look interested kahit di mo talaga magets minsan ang pinaguusapan.

Anonymous said...

Fangoria: OMG.. sir willie..magrheuma ka na!

will said...

@Dr. fangoria: baka i-MPPT ko silang lahat kahit walang indikasyon ahahahaha. Then audit.