Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bipolar Haikufication

So no intern or clerk is still able to present the complete history and one-month course of a patient in haiku format. The very few who attempt/make patol are able to dish out elegant, cute haikus, but the content is incomplete, like they miss out on the personal and social history, the antibiotics given, the fever pattern, and risk factors--daunting, but truly there must be a way to squeeze all of these details in a 5-7-5 format. Also there is too much emphasis on emotions--not that it's wrong, but "patient admitted/now in bed with IV lines/it's sad, sad, sad sad" is applicable for both a leukemia patient for BT and a patient with acute HIV syndrome, so we don't get much endorsement from that. But A+ for effort and cooperation and they are getting the hang of it, so the whole service would soon be haiku automatons.

It is henceforth time to feature our new crop of haiku submissions (some not really meant as submissions, but we want more, MORE!) and our theme for tonight is: Bipolar.

First, we have our new guest BHW who is presently in Tondo teaching kids that smoking is bad. Baaaaaaaad. In this haiku she addresses the general sense of loss, in particular, the loss of money... for lur! Thank you BHW, now lur. LUR!
Title: Pano na ang pang-lur?

tapos na tayo

ilan buwan na lamang

la na D B P 

And still on the topic of money because we are all yet to win the 495 million jackpot prize, we have BOTD lamenting the emptiness of her palms... after she stuck it out and cried alms alms alms and was then told there was nothing for her.

ngayon ay a-kinse,
sweldo ko ay not yet here
sad, sad,sad,sad, boooooooooo

And from HTGOF, SIU, and BOTD, we have this interesting series of haikus, which we are sure will usher in the revolution of haiku as the new way of everyday conversation. We hereby present a group of haiku's we shall call: AHAHAHAHAHA.


tagged you in a post

this is a haiku about

facebook. now click like


i will click like now.

it is the best thing to do.

emotional high.

thumbs up, like!, cause I

don't have anything to write,!smile! like! 




AHAHAHA! haaa...

Salamat sa inyong lahat sa pagpatol, more, MORE!


BOTD said...

panalo ang AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA haiku exchange! natawa ako nung binasa ko sya ng sunod sunod ahahahahaha. bipolar na bipolar ang theme.

will said...

IKR, bipolar kung bipolar ahahahahahhaha. nakatingin kami kanina ni smoketh sa Miyabi hoping na sana mayaman kami... para makakain kami ng sushi at kani salad.... but we are stuck... with voltage. Booo.

Callistus Netromedev said...

why are you so obsessed with haiku? why not a limerick? lol

will said...

you heard the guy, time to churn out those limericks!

Anonymous said...

botd when feeling poorita the technique is to ano... just make banlaw some pinggans and say... BUKAS, LULUHOD AN MGA TALA. therapeutic stuff, uh huh.

Paul Miller said...

yung last haiku ftw \o/