Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cat Lantern of Rage

While scheduling for ambulance conduction in APL (Ambulance Parking Lot) Smoketh and I saw one of the sleeping cats wake up, then do the most wonderful backstretch/ikyad/contortion. He then smelled the shoes in the vicinity then slept again. I tried doing this stretch alone in my room which led to various muscle and joint pains, and I have to accept my longtime frustration that I will never, ever be a cat. Back in high school the first ever essay I turned in was called "If I Were A Cat". 

Went home a couple of weeks ago and noted that what used to be a burned down bank is now a brand new Mini-Stop. This lot has seemingly been abandoned for quite some time, with only the charred remains of the bank and the house that went ablaze a few years ago sitting there. Truly that branch of Mini-Stop should watch out. I foresee that the cashier person would turn left, would turn right, as he hears the pained—or enraged—meeeeeeeeeoowrrrrrs of a cat, only to find that there are just groceries there. Or a few arfs would be heard, the volume of which would escalate and escalate, and the sales clerk would bite his nails in mortification—because there are no dogs anywhere in sight. Because you see inside the house beside the bank was a pet-shop, which also burned to the ground. Poor, poor, poor cats, my heart weeps for the joy you could have given lonely men and women everywhere. Oh yes, dogs too, poor dogs. I’ve told this nasty bit about the pet shop to Mrs. Therese a few years back and she could only scream : EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! 

This is henceforth the perfect opportunity to post more pictures of the Red Lantern of Rage cat... Dex-Starr!!! Kawawa naman si Dexter. He used to be just an ordinary tubby but his loving master was killed by thugs and he was put in a sack and thrown to the river, so a red ring of rage swooped down his tail and he becomes the Red Lantern of Rage Dex-Starr!!!! Power: he can vomit red blood-like acidic something which can instantly skeletonize you. We can probably captionize this set of photos as Pusang Virg and Pusang Pa-Virg. Pusang Pa-Virg is also the brainchild of HTGOF, and you should look up Pusang Pa-Virg in Facebook because PPV can dispense love advice like no other.

Pusang Virg                                                Pusang Pa-Virg


HTGOF said...

Oi magpost naman kayo sa ppv it's dying!! Truedat, love advice like no other. I love the -asan na Ang CBC?!- thing.

Callistus Netromedev said...

di pala sentient si dex-starr?
anong panama niya sa bio-sentient mathematical equation green lantern na si Dkrtzy RRR of Sector 188?

will said...

he doesn't need to be sentient. He only needs to skeletonize you with one huge vomit of bloody cat acid!